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Are renters covered?

No, the insurance-backed guarantee is only for the owners. Our Owner Guarantee ensures that if it comes to the stage of legal proceedings to reclaim debts, the onus of that will not fall on the owner but be taken on by ourselves. If you require insurance as a renter, you're welcome to take out your own policy.

What's my liability as a renter?

Renters are fully liable for loss or damages caused to the item.
Renters must therefore make sure they have the necessary funds available to replace or repair the item in the event that you're unable to return it in the condition it was rented in. 

Renters are fully responsible for a rented item whilst it's in their possession. In the event of theft, loss, confiscation or damage, you're liable for the cost of rectifying the problem.

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Updated on: 13/02/2023

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