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Are renters covered?

Yes! Renters are covered for accidental damage and accidental loss while they are using the items during their rental period. We want you to rent without worrying about what happens in case of an accident. If you experience accidental loss we may ask for documentation to prove this.

We do remind renters to take care of items, and there are cases where renters are liable. These cases include:

Non-return of or damage to items due to negligence
Non-return of items due to theft

Below we outline some conditions whereby renters remain liable. These include but are not limited to:


Renters are always liable in cases of negligence, which we define as:

Improper use
Under-skilled operator


You forget to return an item
You forget where you left an item
You forget parts of an item or rental package


Leaving item(s) unattended or unobserved at any time
Leaving item(s) on public transport or in a park
Leaving item(s) unattended in a vehicle
Leaving item(s) in an unsafe environment, particularly inappropriate weather and temperature conditions such as rain, snow, frost, freezing, damp, heat conditions that the item is not rated for
Using equipment around an open body of water that is not designated as waterproof

Improper use

Use should be restricted to the specified or reasonable parameters for the item. Renters should consult Owners if they are unsure about proper use.

Examples include but are not limited to:

Applying too much or too little weight to an item
Mismatching wattage
Using incorrect parts
Using items in ways that they were not intended for and is likely to cause damage

Under-skilled for the operation of the device

Operator does not have the appropriate level of skill, licence, or qualifications to operate the items

Non-return due to theft

Renters who intentionally do not return items are liable for the items

If you as a renter already hold personal insurance, we will ask you to first try to claim on your existing insurance before you can proceed with a case with Fat Llama. If this proves unsuccessful, you will need to provide us with written evidence that the insurers declined the claim.

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Updated on: 04/06/2024

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