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What are the criteria for the Owner Guarantee?

In order to meet the criteria for our Owner Guarantee, you'll need to do the following:

Before the rental

Take timestamped photos/videos of your item

In order to evidence the condition of your item before a rental, you need to take timestamped photos of your item no more than 24 hours before the start of the rental.

For items with moving parts, a mechanism, electronic/audio functionality, or anything else that can't be demonstrated by a photo, you need to take a timestamped video showing the item in full working order (eg. a video of a drone flying).

Here's how:

Smartphone. Timestamps are automatically encrypted on most smartphone camera photos/videos.

App. If your phone doesn't take timestamped photos/videos, we recommend downloading Timestamp Camera Basic.

Locate the proof of purchase for your item

In the very rare event that an item is not returned, you'll need to provide proof of purchase for the item. This can be a receipt (physical or digital), a screenshot of the proof confirmation if purchased online, SMS/email confirmation from the seller or a bank transaction linking to the purchase (including name of item or seller).

Make sure your item is listed comprehensively

Take care to include every item being lent to the renter on your listing page. If something's not in the listing, it can't be covered by our Owner Guarantee.

After the rental

Check the items are in working order immediately upon return. If you suspect the items have been damaged during the rental, you must take photos/videos showing the damage and report the incident to our Resolutions Team within 24 hours of the rental ending.

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Updated on: 23/10/2023

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