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What are the Renter requirements?

Take time-stamped photos/videos of your rental item

In order to evidence the condition of your item before a rental, it is recommended to take time-stamped photos of your item upon handover and return.  For items with a core function that can't be demonstrated by a photo, you need to take a timestamped video showing the item in full working order (eg. a video of a drone flying). This evidence can be used in the unlikely event of a dispute arising between yourself and the owner.

Refer to this page on how to take time-stamped evidence. 

Let the owner know of any issues during the rental, don't leave it until afterwards 

The owner may be able to help you during your rental and troubleshoot any issues, or offer solutions.
Take care of the items you rent 

Look after the item as if it was your own. Take reasonable care to prevent damage, making use of protective packaging where possible. If using an item you're unfamiliar with, carry out reasonable research beforehand to ensure you know how to use it safely or ask the owner.

The item needs to be returned in the agreed upon time with the owner, otherwise, you may be liable to pay for daily rate late fees.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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