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Report a 'Damage' case

If your item has been returned damaged or faulty, please CLICK HERE.

Next Steps: 

Once your form is filled out, you will be assigned a dedicated case manager who will contact you within one working day. They will email you about your case, and possibly ask you to send your item for a repair appraisal and quote from an authorised third party repair centre. In the meantime, your case manager will also be contacting the renter regarding the damage caused to your item. Once your case manager receives all the required information and repair appraisal, they will make a final decision on liability. 

By renting on Fat Llama and agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, the renter has accepted full liability for any damage they cause to the equipment they rent, and Fat Llama Guarantee this value. 

If however, the damage/fault has been caused by a manufacturing issue, can be classified as wear and tear/cosmetic damage, or something not caused by the renters misuse, then the renter would not be liable to pay and so this would not be covered by our Owner Guarantee. Please see our Owner Guarantee page for more details.

If you go through the claims process, it will take two working days for our Claims Team to make a decision on your case. Your case manager will then inform you of the outcome on your case and further information.

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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