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What is the Resolutions Process?

The Resolutions Team

If a consensus can't be reached between a Owner and Renter for a rental, Fat Llama has a dedicated Resolutions Team whose job it is to mediate between parties and examine all the available evidence in order to resolve the case.

If a rental or sale of yours goes to the Resolutions Team, you'll be assigned a Resolutions Case Manager who will work yourself and the other party to collate time-stamped photo/video evidence, written statements and supporting materials to make an informed decision on liability.  You must report a case within 24 hours of your rental end date. 

If you are an Owner, in the event of claiming on our guarantee, your resolutions manager will submit your case for the team to review. The claims team will take approximately two weeks to make a decision and inform you via email. If successful, you'll be asked for your bank details and you will be added to the following payment run.

Renter liability

Renters are responsible for the proper care and return of any items hired through the Fat Llama Service. They will not normally be held liable for compensating the owner for accidental loss or damage to those items unless loss or damage is the result of negligence, forgetfulness, carelessness, improper use, not having the appropriate skills or experience to operate those items, and theft. The Fat Llama Service will determine if they are liable under these circumstances. Regardless of the circumstances, the Fat Llama owner-backed guarantee is in place for owners and as long as the criteria is met, if something happens to your item as an owner we will pay for the cost of repair, replacement value, or the original value with any item depreciation applied, whichever is less.

If you are a renter and require insurance, you are welcome to take out your own policy. 

Most cases are settled in 24 hours between users

Most repair/replacement cases are settled directly between the renter and the owner. If both parties can reach consensus, this can be quicker and cheaper for the renter. The majority of these cases are settled within 24 hours.

Can I appeal a decision?

The final decision reached by the Resolutions Team is considered final. Please be assured that the team does handle each case with care to ensure a fair decision is made.

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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