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How do custom quotes work?

Custom quotes give owners the flexibility to lend more than one item to a renter in one transaction, or to lend a single item at a bespoke price. 

Offering a custom quote

To send a custom quote to a renter, head to your messages on the Fat Llama website (offers aren’t supported on our app just yet).

Click ‘Send custom quote’ at the bottom of your chat and follow the steps to build and send your custom quote to the renter. Before the renter has accepted, you can retract your offer at anytime by clicking 'Retract offer' underneath your offer. If the renter doesn't accept the offer, it will expire 24 hours after sending.

When the renter accepts your offer, it’ll be automatically approved at your end. The standard Verification process applies - we’ll let you know once we’ve verified the transaction.

Accepting a custom quote

We’ll notify you when an owner sends you a custom quote. Please note that the offer will automatically expire if you don’t accept it within 24 hours.

When you accept the quote (pending Verification and payment details) the rental will be confirmed - no need to wait for the owner to approve.

Itemised payments for multi-item rentals

Each rental will be displayed separately on your My Rentals page. If you’re lending or renting more than one item in a custom quote, the total price will be evenly split between each item, so you can expect multiple payments on your statement.

If you have any questions about how custom quotes work, get in touch at

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Updated on: 13/02/2023

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