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Availability Request Update!

Availability Request and Superowner Changes - An Update!

Availbility Request

To kick things off, we'll start with a brief summary of our changes to the rental process flow. As you may have already seen, we've changed the way that we handle rentals for all users!

Previously, users were able to rent an item directly from the listing page, meaning that they were able to request an item without getting in touch with Owners first. This has now changed with our new improved flow:

The old 'Check Price and Availability' button has now been replaced with 'Request'

This means that from now on, all renters who wish to rent an item from you, will need to send a message to you first, which will allow all users to clarify any needs or requirements they have.

Once the renter has sent off their message, you will need to press 'Yes It's Available' with the renter.

You will need to press 'confirm' if you wish for the rental to proceed so that an offer will be created for the renter to accept the transaction.

After the renter accepts, the renter will enter their payment details and once verification process has been completed, the rental will go ahead as before.

Superowner Changes

We've also made a key change to our Superowner criteria. We've removed the acceptance rate criteria. So this is how the list looks:

Have a minimum of 40 rentals in the last 12 months
80% acceptance rate
90% message response rate
95% 5 star reviews

The acceptance rate change has been made to ensure that you do not have to approve every request that comes your way from prospective renters in order to keep your Superowner badge.

If you have any further questions about the changes, please get in touch.

Updated on: 08/11/2023

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