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Pre-rental status (renters only):

Pre-rental status (renters only):

Pending verification: You’re still in the process of being verified by our team — read more about what that means here

Awaiting approval: You’ve been verified, and your request is awaiting approval from the owner, who has already been notified.

Not accepted: Your request hasn’t been accepted by the owner.

Accepted: Your request has been accepted by the owner.

In-rental status (renters and owners):

Starts in “X” days: The request has been approved by the owner, and the rental period will begin in “X” amount of days.

Cancelled: The request has been cancelled. Click here to read our Cancellations Policy.

In progress: The rental is ongoing.

Completed: The rental period has finished successfully.

Under Review: The transaction is under review by our Resolutions team. This would happen if there was a problem with the rental, for example.

Tap below to view the status of any of your current rentals:

Check the status of my rental

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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