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Insurance Checklist for Renters

When you borrow items that are above our threshold, we will ask for a proof of insurance. For those who are requested to obtain insurance, this is the last stage in getting your rental request approved by Fat Llama. 

We are happy to accept insurance that meet the following criteria:

It must have a policy covering rented items. For example, insurers may refer to rented items as ‘*Hired in Technical equipment**’ or ‘**Hired in Film Equipment**’.

It covers the value of the items you are renting (as set by the Owner).

It covers the dates of the rental - make sure that the dates on the policy match the dates on the Fat Llama platform.

For this purpose, we recommend Performance Film and Media who offer excellent insurance cover. Please remember to select 'Fat Llama' when filling out Aston Larks insurance form!

The process of obtaining an insurance quote can take as little as 2-3 minutes and we’re happy to clarify more about what insurance we accept. You can do that by simply contacting our live chat team or emailing us at

Updated on: 23/05/2023

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