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My messages and/or transactions have disappeared?

If you've logged in and found that your account appears to have been "wiped" -- don't panic! There are a few common things that can cause this to appear this way. 

You might be logged into the wrong account.

Between email/password, Facebook and Google logins, a lot of us will accidentally unknowingly make more than one Fat Llama account in our time. If you've logged in and find all your activity gone, you're probably not in the right account. Try logging out, having a thought about how you normally log in, and logging back in in that correct way.

If you're struggling to get to the correct account, drop a line to with the email address and phone number you believe your account is under and we can locate the correct one for you.

You might have a duplicate account under the same email address.

Sometimes if you've recently changed your login details, they will clash with an existing account and effectively create a "blank" duplicate account where your active account should be. If you believe this is the case, please email and we can investigate and deactivate the duplicate for you.

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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