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I can't log in to my account.

Are you logging in the correct way? If your account is a Facebook or Google login and you are trying to login with your email/password combo, the system won't recognise this. Be sure to log in with the correct login option.

Do you have a duplicate account?  If you've recently changed your login details, the new details may have clashed with an existing account and prevent you from logging in . If you believe this is the case, please email and we can sort this out for you right away.

Have you tried resetting your password? You may have just forgotten your password -- it happens to the best of us! To reset your password, go to

Has your account been deleted? Accounts can be deleted for a few reasons, including but not exclusive to issues with account verification, fraud detection by our payment provider, open cases with our Resolutions Team, or otherwise breaking our terms and conditions.

If your account has been deleted for one of these reasons, you will have been emailed with an explanation of why this has happened.

If you have any questions about this deletion or believe it to be an error, please contact

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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