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What is the Watchlist, and how do I use it?

Your Watchlist allows you to keep track of certain owners and items, making it faster and easier to book rentals.

Watching items

How to watch items you'd like to rent in the future or items you rent regularly.

1. Watch items from Browse page

Click the heart in the top right-hand corner of the image

2. Watch items from listing page

Click 'Add to watching' under the item image

Watching owners

You might like to watch an owner if you regularly rent from them or you’re interested in one or more of their items.

1. Watch owners from listing page

Click 'Add to contacts' under their profile image on the right-hand side of the page 

2. Watch owners from their profile page

Click 'Add to contacts' underneath their name

Head to your Watchlist via the link below:

Your Watchlist


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Updated on: 13/02/2023

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