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Preferred Handover Schedules

Preferred Handover Schedules

What are preferred handover times?

Preferred handover times allow owners to specify when throughout the week they are usually available for renters to pick up and/or drop off items lent out. The selected schedule is shown on items owned by the owner in a "When can I get it?" section.

What happens when I add a schedule?

Two major things happen when a schedule is added:

the schedule becomes visible on all item pages for items owned by the owner

renters will see options to propose pick up and drop off times for items owned by the owner

I changed my mind. Can I remove the schedule?

Yes, simply click the 'Remove' option on all of the rows in the schedule and then choose 'Save preferred times'

Pick up and drop off times

What effect do the pick up and drop off times submitted by owners have?

Proposed pick up and drop off times are simply proposals and currently do not impact fee calculations or item availability from the current daily rental experience.

What if the proposed times don't work for me?

Please use the messages feature to coordinate with owners on a better time.

How are rental rates calculated when a renter

selects pick up and drop off times of more than 24 hours?

Rental rates are currently charged by 24 hour period, meaning a rental from 13 March to 14 March will incur 1 day of rental charges, providing the drop off time is < 24 hours from the pick up. You cannot select a drop-off time > 24 hours after pick up.

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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