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How do I cancel a rental?

For Owners

How do I cancel a rental request that I’ve already accepted?

Head to your conversations with the renter and you can click on 'retract conformation'. You will only be able to do this if the renter has not been verified for the item. If the renter has been verified the rental will be in your 'rentals' section as 'confirmed' and you will not be able to cancel, if you click on the rental and scroll down you can reach out to support for us to cancel this for you. Or email

How do I cancel a rental offer before it’s been accepted by the Renter?

In your conversations with the renter, you can decline the availability request and this will not affect your stats.

For Renters

How do I cancel my rental request?

You can cancel with a full refund if:

-You have not yet verified
-The Owner has not accepted your request
-It is within 3 hours of making your rental request
-It is within 48 hours of making your rental request, and also more than 48 hours before the rental starts.

To do this, please contact support and send a cancellation request.

If you are outside these cancellation parameters, please email and we will help you process this.
Under certain circumstances, you may be asked for a screenshot of a message sent by the owner confirming that they agree for the rental to be cancelled.

Before cancelling a rental, click below to familiarise yourself with our policy:

Cancellations Policy

Updated on: 14/05/2024

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