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Campervan Insurance Update

From June 1, 2020 campervans rentals that are made through the platform will not be insured through Fat Llama.

You can still advertise your campervan to rent on the Fat Llama platform, and we will continue to facilitate payment made from renter. This rental, however, will not be covered by insurance for use by the renter using Fat Llama's guarantee. Fat Llama will continue to verify the identity and financial viability of renters, but any verified rental will not have insurance applied for use nor will the driving license of that renter be confirmed as valid for a campervan rental. It will be your responsibility to ensure that the renter is valid to drive the campervan.

We are able to make a few recommendations to help you feel secure with your rental.

Consider getting Self-drive Hire Insurance that allows campervan owners to hire out their campervans to other people. Several companies offer policies such as Tower Gate.

Ask the renter to send you a photo their driving license to confirm that the dates are valid.

Consider having the renter take out their own short-term insurance which sites such as TempCover or DayInsure offer.

Our resolutions centre no longer provides a process for accessing our owner guarantee if there are issues with your rental. We can, however, help mediate in disputes over late returns and minor damages (under £1000). Ultimately issues of damage must be sorted directly between renter, owner, and their insurance companies.

If you have any questions, then we're here to help. Please email

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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